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Old and New

Sadly I have to announce that the shop is now CLOSED! Partly due to a bug, and partly due to my moving on.

What is new, however, is a very special, limited offer to get a pet portrait for just £25. Read more about that here:


Snow Games

A commissioned picture of a bunch of likely suspects.


I like the bear best.



Wow it’s been a long time. I’ve sort-of been on hiatus, but I’m sure I have some things to show you. I’m going to be getting some posts together, so keep an eye out! The next post will be one for the portfolio page, so probably nothing new in there just yet.


Valaris Dragon

I was recently featured on the VectorTuts site – take a look if you fancy a short read :3

[nb: this thread is being updated with all the entries - enjoy!] Last day of anniversary celebrations! This time you can win any print of your choice from my shop (and perhaps even any other image I’ve made if you let me know which one you’d like). All you have to do is DRAW ME A MINKEE. What is a minkee? Who knows! I’m not expecting hours of effort and masterpieces! It’s the best concept that wins. Post your entries in the comments below :3 entries are below the fold

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Beach Dog