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Day 3: BUSY

Today was spent almost entirely choosing the winners of the my giveaways, and packaging up their prints to send off. I had other things in mind but I think they’re going to have to wait for another day, now! Congratulations to all those who won.

Hello again! To celebrate today, I have a Leaf Lady Gocco Print up for grabs. You can get these ONLY from competitions on here, twitter, facebook and the like. To win just leave a comment here saying why you’d like one. <3

you can win one of 3 of my gocco prints over at pikaland today, and up until 1st Dec – go take a look!



Tiger Tiger…


Hello there! So my shop is finally up and running! Hurrah! And with it a brand new print, all orange and stuff. YOU can get it HERE.

Work in progress… this batch actually went totally wrong at the third screen, but I will persevere :x

You might remember these girls from way back when. This is just a little something to tide you over. I have a ton of new drawing, but all from the same books, so I’m going to do some little montage soon – I’m too worn out from doing the books themselves (day and night, week and weekend) at the moment! I’ve been doing some new goccos, too, that I will add soon – or at least some sneak previews as I’m all out of screens right now. I wanted to do some more bear book tonight, but once again I’m all out of time and energy. Soon!

Oh yeah, here’s the pictures :D As they were inspired by Klimt, the ink had to be gold.

sing stars

sing stars

And, of course, you – yes, you – can buy this print in my etsy shop. For $10. I don’t know what I was thinking, really.

Emily is a weimaraner, dontcha know.



you can buy this print at my etsy shop! 

Here it is ‘in the flesh’. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. The coral ink covered reallllly smoothly. I also like the WHITE.

savanna buddies

savanna buddies gocco

You can see more of it here, and maybe even buy it if you’re feeling frisky while you’re there at my etsy shop!

‘cos he rocks a lot. L.  And is also now an axolotl minkee print at the minkee prints etsy shop, oh joy of joys!




ps. I wish I could take some better photos :x

He’s back again! My first print using more than 1 screen, it’s hard work but worth it \o

big bear gocco

big bear gocco

You can buy this print at my Etsy shop

I <3 this one. I’m more hats and hairstyles to come, I think.

headband gocco 2

headband 1

headband gocco 3

You can now buy this print at my Etsy shop.



Forest Gocco

This one looked great when the ink was wet, really shiny and bright. Sadly, however, it faded and lost its vibrancy as it dried :(

forest gocco

forest gocco 2

forest gocco 3


You can now buy this print at my Etsy shop.

I am thoroughly enjoying my gocco! Still need practise at the distance needed for separate colours. I have one more ready to do, and then I think I’m going to go for a 2 screen print! Excitement!

Rain Gocco Print 02

Rain Gocco Print 03

Rain Gocco Print 01

You can now buy this print at my Etsy shop.

My first go with the Gocco – it’s really fun! Next time I’m going to use chunkier images, and bigger gaps for colour change, but I’m pretty pleased with it!

heart bears gocco print

heart bears gocco print 2

heart bears gocco print 3

You can now buy this print at my Etsy shop.