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Short Break

Hello there! Now, I know there’s meant to be some competition winners showing up here and now, however, I’m away from today till Saturday, so the winners will be selected on Monday 16th instead. If anyone else wants to enter the Draw-a-Minkee contest before then – go ahead! Same with the prize draw. To tide you over for a little while, here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on :-

[nb: this thread is being updated with all the entries - enjoy!] Last day of anniversary celebrations! This time you can win any print of your choice from my shop (and perhaps even any other image I’ve made if you let me know which one you’d like). All you have to do is DRAW ME A MINKEE. What is a minkee? Who knows! I’m not expecting hours of effort and masterpieces! It’s the best concept that wins. Post your entries in the comments below :3 entries are below the fold

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I have two things to show you today, first of all, I got featured on Ohdeedoh, a lovely little nursery site, and secondly, I spent an hour or so this afternoon drawing absolutely everything people asked of me. Some worked better than others, but here’s the whole lot. My personal favourite is Aaron’s Chinchilla and Laine’s Duck-facing cats. Some are after the break.

A chinchilla for @aaronmillerillz

A fox playing tennis for @amyalisha

A cow in a field for the very creative @cowfields

@dog_of_flame asked for a beard growing legs and trying to kill its man – this is ten years later.

@easydees wanted a fairy on a toadstool

a bearded man holding a cat for @edorourke – whose hair somehow turned into a squirrel?!

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Day 3: BUSY

Today was spent almost entirely choosing the winners of the my giveaways, and packaging up their prints to send off. I had other things in mind but I think they’re going to have to wait for another day, now! Congratulations to all those who won.

Hello again! To celebrate today, I have a Leaf Lady Gocco Print up for grabs. You can get these ONLY from competitions on here, twitter, facebook and the like. To win just leave a comment here saying why you’d like one. <3

First round of special Birthday Week treats is here! Normally it’s the Birthday Girl who gets the presents, but this time it’s me who’s giving the presents out, as a thank you to everyone. Today it’s a prize draw – everyone who has ever bought something from my shop is entered into this prize draw to win one of 3 Giclee Print Packages.

First up is the Colours Collection, with Peacock at A3 and Peahens and the Vixen at A4 (worth £61!!).

Second place wins an A3 Saddest Bear of All print (worth £25),

and third place wins a In the Wild Collection in A5 (worth £20)

The winners will be selected from the details of absolutely everyone who has ever bought a minkee print! And there’s still a chance to be eligible – the winners will be chosen on Tuesday the 10th of August, so if you take advantage of the offers on between now and then, you could be the lucky person to receive the top prize.

It’s’s 4th birthday today! *toot toot* and so on. To celebrate, I’ve got a whole heap of things in store for this week, but for now, take this 10% discount code to use in the shop: HAPPYMINKDAY