[nb: this thread is being updated with all the entries - enjoy!] Last day of anniversary celebrations! This time you can win any print of your choice from my shop (and perhaps even any other image I’ve made if you let me know which one you’d like). All you have to do is DRAW ME A MINKEE. What is a minkee? Who knows! I’m not expecting hours of effort and masterpieces! It’s the best concept that wins. Post your entries in the comments below :3 entries are below the fold

—- I have my first entry! It’s from cowfields:

And one from sreub

with an explanation:

“For me,the brown one is a minkee before being eaten by a sreub, so the black one, is a sreub… Here is a picture that explains my point… Enjoy and thank you”


Blu3Flame enters:


and another! from Ilia Kole

meridimus minkee!

David Cousens says: I had loads of fun making my Minkee,  which I saw as a sort of mutated mink and monkey hybrid which for some reason is pink.  I thought that such a rare and interesting creature would be highly desirable pet for animal collectors so minkee’s have to move quickly and rely on their wits to stay out of captivity!

Emily Mackenzie has drawn this brilliant minkee also:

one more! this time by purplechair

note: there’s still the rest of today (Monday) left to enter! Get cracking!

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minkee Says:

Well this was incredibly difficult to make a decision on – everyone’s entry had very good points, some really splendid, cute, uncannily accurate, and crazy entries. But as I said that the ‘best concept wins’, then David Cousens has to win as he really thought about the concept and then executed it with aplomb. Thanks so much to everyone else for entering, you all made it really, really fun!

xenos Says:

why am i only finding this now! had i known about this i surely would have entered a piece because my wife and i would love to have one of your animal prints for sure…

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