Tomorrow is here at last, with Ariadne and the Minotaur.


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Maxwell Scott-Slade Says:

Please make this a print so I can buy it.

dng Says:

This is excellent

Christopher Says:

Omg my favourite name ever :) No not minotaur… Anyways. Randomly got here after seeing one of your envelopes whilst sorting through mail at RM. I bet I’m breaking all kind of privacy laws by mentioning that… oh well. Trex + teddy + hungry bear having to help annoying friend’s 2156326 sudoku puzzle before lunch break + imaginary second child’s name even if it’s a sucky boy, all in one blog = highlight of my week. possibly year. must read more…

minkee Says:

haha, Christopher! I’m really glad you like it! I knew there must be a good reason for me to draw those pictures on my envelopes, and now I know what it is :)

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