You might remember these girls from way back when. This is just a little something to tide you over. I have a ton of new drawing, but all from the same books, so I’m going to do some little montage soon – I’m too worn out from doing the books themselves (day and night, week and weekend) at the moment! I’ve been doing some new goccos, too, that I will add soon – or at least some sneak previews as I’m all out of screens right now. I wanted to do some more bear book tonight, but once again I’m all out of time and energy. Soon!

Oh yeah, here’s the pictures :D As they were inspired by Klimt, the ink had to be gold.

sing stars

sing stars

And, of course, you – yes, you – can buy this print in my etsy shop. For $10. I don’t know what I was thinking, really.

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rich Says:

golden affro’s, stuff of legend

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