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A Hundred Things

…give or take. I’m sure it’ll be a lot more than that by the time we’re finished the books though.


Fox + Mammoth = ?


Post or No Post

The trouble I have here is considering what calibre my work should be to warrant posting it. I wanted to do one a day (and have clearly failed), but I have been trying to limit it to things I think people may have a vague interest in, and believe it or not, there’s even more random stuff that you haven’t seen. The question I’m posing is this: Quantity or Quality, which do you want?

This is most likely what I’d do if a friend of mine was plummetting free fall through the sky. A few months too late. :/


And we’re back.

Scary monsters


Pre-School Books

I’ve had zero time for drawing at home lately, so here’s a few pics from work to make up for it.

This isn’t a new picture, but one I did about this time last year. It was for my partner’s birthday, which was somewhat of a… muted affair. 3 days earlier he’d gone into hospital for an operation to remove the cancerous tumors in his stomach. It was something like a 20% chance that he might not make it through, and even if the operation was successful, there was another lump that needed to be removed from the top of the chest at a later date. Thankfully (x1000), it was successful, though he would be bedbound for the next few months, and only able to get about by wheelchair. So, yes, it was somewhat of a stressful time. This was my small attempt to cast a lighter view on the situation :)


ps. if you dont get the katamari reference, you should play the original game, or just look here: or something.


Dancing Croc

He’s called George, if you must know.


Girl with Star

I think I’ve finally gone too far. :/

Snip snip. Except she has no scissors. Yet!



We’re back on track, as of today. This is something I drew a while back… it probably should have an explanation, and, well, I was despairing that maybe my pictures were all a bit too cute, and I should perhaps try and branch out into something a little different, for a little contrast. I said this to a friend, and he suggested drawing a young girl. A young girl with Hell bursting out of her stomach. I’m not sure I was entirely successful in what I set out to achieve, but here she is anyway. ;x