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purplechair Says:

Zowiee! That’s really good!


minkee Says:

I’m going to assume you’re being genuine, but you do know that when you are being genuine, you sound incredibly sarcastic, yes?

or: Thanks! :D

purplechair Says:

If I was being sarcastic, I’d probably say something like “zmg, teh green!”

minkee Says:

but you say that all the time, and i took it as a way of saying ‘that’s nice’ without actually saying it :<

Having Sjoerd Says:

Hey, very nice!
is this your personal interpretation of the Cocomama or is it based on how she is displayed in the Incan mythology.
I am asking this because I’m interested in getting a tattoo of the cocomama but have not found any pictures of her or drawings, so I would like to know how you got to draw her in that way?
hope to hear from you soon!
thanks :)

minkee Says:

I didn’t see any imagery for her at all, I think! I was just reading about Incan mythology and Alphons Mucha at the same time. This is what happened :)

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