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the geese are getting fat? Or the kids are getting all wrapped up, at least. Sorry it’s not a pile of bricks.


Not a T-shirt

Ideas float about my head, but only ever one or two moments of a story, and never any more. Maybe one day something’ll stick, until then, girls will be meeting bears in forests and no one will know what becomes of them.
ps: it’s a continuation of this:



Yes, all my work has been rather flat lately, but that’s because I’m working with screenprinting in mind; the less colours, the less money, and all that jazz.

don’t let that spoil things, though, eh?


I <3 Mucha

I’ve been looking at Art Nouveau stuff (thanks, Max), and I love it. Expect more, I think.


Sneak Preview

but maybe if I put it up here in the rubbish state it’s in, it’ll motivate me to actually get it finished. Or at least put a new half decent pic up here so I wont have to look at it anymore. Allyoop!